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Classing and Formats

Audio Titans Demo Competitions (include a trophy and prize):

Cronos (King of the Titans)

Best Overall audio build of the show. Judging is based off overall install, design and sound


Best Overall female owned audio build of the show. Judging is based off overall install, design and sound

Zeus (Thunder god)

Demos judged by Farmer Mannie. Give Mannie the demo of his life and you may be featured on Basshead TV’s YouTube Channel

Hades (God of the underworld)

Best Hair Trick Competition – Judged on invensity and spread – Winner will be featured on Basshead TV’s Hair Trick Hall of Fame

Apollo (God of music)

Judging is based on overall tuning clarity and install


Best Doors at the Show


Awarded to the build that demos all day relentlessly


SPL Competitions

SPL sanctioned events have their own classing. Please refer to the links below for full rules and regulations.


Classing includes trunk classes, Stock/Daily Drivers, No Wall, Wall and Extreme Builds

MECA Rulebook: 

MECA includes several formats and awards including Sound Quality, MECA Kids, Phat awards and more. We will be focusing on the SPL formats Sound Pressure and Park & Pound.  Please refer to the rulebook and for full classing and rules.


Sensor placed at the headrest (26” High in the Driver’s Seat). on MECA approved stand or holder, provided by Judge. The seat and seat back of the seat that the sensor stand is placed in must be in a factory locked position and must allow the stand to sit flat on the seat
bottom. The stand may not be leaned forward. Pass is timed for 30 seconds with TermLab scoring system set to “Peak Hold”

The Trunk Division, with 2 “Pressure Classes”, is intended for vehicles with systems installed in the Trunk.
The Street Division, with 5 “Pressure Classes”, is intended for competitors with some vehicle and system modifications allowed. Vehicles are still intended to be daily drivers, must have a functional OEM backseat, and not SPL specific.
Modified Street has 4 “Pressure Classes” and is intended for vehicles which do not have back seats, have no-wall builds, or other
installations which are done to the B-pillars.
The Modified Division, with 5 “Pressure Classes”, is intended for vehicles and systems that are designed to maximize sound pressure level, including woofer walls and pickup truck cut-throughs, but are still capable of being daily drivers.
The “Radical X” Division, has 2 classes (one clamped class with maximum of 4000 pressure rating and one unlimited) for extremely modified exhibition systems/vehicles, is intended for hard-core SPL Competitors with unusual or concept vehicles.


The “Park & Pound” Format, with 5 “Pressure Classes”, is intended to measure sound pressure levels outside the vehicle, while playing full-range music. In addition to the General Rules, sensor will be placed 72” (6’) from the outside edge of a marker on the ground (usually a cone), on passenger side of the vehicle; 54” (4.5’) off the ground on MECA approved stand.  Final score is “Average” for 30 seconds.


Sound Quality League Dueling Demos contest is intended to recognize the strongest music systems with regard to power, clarity, tonal balance, and intensity. Vehicles go head-to-head to demonstrate the most impressive audio systems.


Vehicles required to have some form of a plexiglass plate or surface that the suction cups on the TermLab sensor can attach. Mic placement should be no closer than 4 inches from the port or woofer. Also sensor must face forward.



For more rules and infomation go to

SPL – SPL (Sound Pressure Level) is the most popular format in Bass Wars. We approach SPL a little differently than other organizations. You are able to put the sensor anywhere in front of the front seat location that you like. You may play any music that you like. We want you to get your best score possible. some vehicles pressure better in different places so we don’t think you should be force to put the sensor in a location that we say you should, put it where your vehicle is loudest beyond the front seat location.

Bass Wars Classes

Bass Wars classifies our competitors by using the surface area added to the outermost port opening area of your ports. That is surface area of your speakers plus surface area of your port opening. We call this your Bass Value.

Crowd Loud – Crowd Loud format is performed by parking 10′ from the sensor and playing your system for 30 seconds. The SPL will be averaged for those 30 seconds.

Port Wars – The Port War format is performed by putting the sensor inside the outermost port in your subwoofer enclosure. We measure your peak SPL in the Port Wars format.

Demo Classes – 4 Classes (Hurricane 20-30hz)  (Typhoon 31-40hz)  (Cyclone 41-50hz) (Twister 51-60hz) An average of your SPL over 30 seconds with the sensor placed in the hot seat of your vehicle. The hot seat either of the front seats that you choose.

Rules for Kamaikaze Wars

• Our equipment is a state of the art meter made by term lab
• All major spl organizations use the same equipment as we do so you can take your score as what you would meter at any big show
• The sensor is placed in the same spot in every vehicle
• Categories:
There are 3 Divisions: Wall: completely sealed or box less than 12” from roof No Wall: box more than 12” from roof Trunk: box must be in trunk not in back seat with 7 Classes in each division based off amp power: 0-1500 | 1501-3000 | 3001-4500 | 4501-6000 6001-8500 | 8501-13500 | 13501+

• We will meter your peak and use your highest score
• You can do a burp or play music for 30 secs max, which ever you prefer, have your music ready
• This is a six month series, who ever has the most points in each category will then receive an award
• This meet will start our list so make sure you charge your batteries and be prepared to go to WAR!

Our list is point based, Number one on the list is 10 points, number two is 9 points and so on down the list, ten spots per category.

You will receive 5 points for coming to the meet and metering




We recommend visiting to verify your classing and to familiarize yourself with the general rules of the organization.  Below is a basic breakdown of the formats offered and a helpful guide to finding the right event for your system.

Amplifiers are Clamped and classed based on the matrix below.  Cone Restrictions apply to classes in orange.


All Around is a 30 second musical average.  The music must be commerically available as in all SPL Competition.  Metering will take place on the passenger side windshield (legal position), passenger seat headrest, and passenger side kick (outlaw position). Only the driver side door OR window may be open during the rounds. The average of these 3 scores creates your final score.


It is a 90 second musical average. Metering will take place on the passenger side headrest and the driver side window (approx. 3-6” outside the vehicle). The driver side window location will be as close to the window opening as the vehicle physically allows (the sensor is placed on a microphone stand standing on the ground outside the vehicle, almost against the door). Only the driver side window and/or passenger side window may be open during the rounds, no doors.


ISPLL Subsonic Suicide is a 2 minute musical average using a subsonic track under 32hz. Each 1Hz below 32 you play at will add .25dB to your final score (i.e. you play the 28Hz track, you will receive a 1dB bonus on your final average). If you play the 20Hz track or below, you will receive an additional 2dB bonus to your final score (5dB total bonus). If you play the 15Hz track or below, you will receive an additional 1dB bonus to your final score (7.25dB total bonus). The mic is placed on the dash.  Competitors may open any door, window, hatch, trunk, etc. that they wish to, before and during (AKA “fanning”) the run.


REAL SPL is now 3 burps of the desired frequency (not to exceed 90Hz) that the competitor chooses. All burps CAN be the same frequency, but do not have to be. Final score will be determined by the average of the three scores.
First Burp – Mic on windshield at legal location with vehicle sealed.
Second Burp – Mic on windshield at legal location with vehicle open. Vehicle open is any part(s) of the vehicle open the competitor would like including, but not limited to, front doors, back doors, trunk, hatch, etc.
Third Burp Mic on the kick with the same rules as the second burp.